Mr Thokozani Ndwandwe (Dennis)

Person Mr Thokozani Ndwandwe (Dennis)  
Telephone 8410


Campus Westville Campus





Technical Assistant











Thokozani was one of the first staff members, during August 1988, at the Biomedical Resource Centre, at the previously called University of Durban- Westville. He remembers helping offloading the equipment from the trucks for the start-up of the new facility under the directorship of the late Dr Thurman. His first job description was to operate the incinerator and autoclaves. A year later he ran the specific pathogen free (SPF) unit with a fellow colleague, later the Minimum Disease areas 1 and 2 were opened but have now been changed into the breeding and stock areas. Thokozani remembers fondly that every escapee from SPF were automatically transferred to the MD units. These were made available to clients, but eventually the clients only wanted to use MD animals as they were cheaper sadly reducing the demand of the SPF units resulting in its closure.